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Serving 100+ Forklift Brands

Customized Genuine Batteries for All Models


Durability, Wire protection
Maintenance-free, High temperature resistant

small size, slow speed
low horsepower

Built in BMS
Long life 6000 cycle, Grade A LiFeOP4

Deep Cycle, Corrosion resistance

Twice the power of traditional batteries
0 %
Half the weight
0 %
2.5 Year warranty
Charges up to 3X fast
0 X
Saft & Reliable
0 %


The Firsola team has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing industrial batteries for forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery packs and lead acid batteries.We have production over 40 forklift battery brands and over 1000 models We are the most complete supplier of forklift batteries in China.

Firsola has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, TS16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, RoHS, CE, UL, UM38.3, MSDS, IEC, and other international certifications.

Firsola has built a modern factory of 80,000 square meters in Guangdong,we are proud to be a home to a dedicated workforce of 1300 employees among them, there are more than 200 senior technicians.


Expoler of industry batteries in china


Annual partner growth


Different types of batteries


Different types of forklift batteries


Worldwide Shipping Lines

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Firsola’s business activities affect the global environment by consuming resources and energy, generating waste, discharging pollutants, providing packaging materials, etc. Therefore, we endeavor to carry out the following activities to improve the environment.

(1) Promotion of prevention of global warming.
(2) Promotion of effective utilization of resources.
(3) Promotion of management of hazardous substances.
(4) Expansion of Green Partners.
(5) Promotion of social contribution activities for environmental conservation.


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