Change The Firsola Battery


When your forklift battery ages, you will have to remove it from your electric forklift and replace it. You may need to remove the battery in order to recharge it between shifts or at night, or the battery may be dead and need to be replaced. So when do you know when your forklift battery needs replacing? Do you know how you should replace your battery safely and efficiently?

When to replace your battery?

Electric forklift batteries are removed so that they can be fully charged. Normally, batteries are programmed to deplete on a set schedule, and in extreme temperatures or when you are carrying particularly heavy loads, the battery depletes more quickly. Remember to check that the battery is not below 20% before replacing it and charge the battery until it is fully charged.

Forklift batteries have a life expectancy of about five years with normal use and charging cycles. You may also need to replace the battery permanently when you notice corrosion in the battery compartment or when the battery is no longer charging. Of course, if the battery starts to smoke or smells like “rotten eggs,” it’s likely that the internal chemistry has been severely damaged and needs to be replaced immediately.

Ensure Your Safety Before Replacing Forklift Batteries

Replacing a forklift battery may seem easy, but only if you follow all safety regulations. Batteries may seem heavy, and if you don’t follow safety procedures, they could leak gas, chemicals, or charge. That’s why it’s best to only have people trained in battery use perform battery replacements and have everyone follow these safety tips:

– Wear protective clothing, such as safety glasses and gloves

– Make sure you have a dedicated battery changing station near you with enough space for two forklift trucks

– Use a lifting beam or equivalent instead of a chain with two hooks

– Ensure there is adequate ventilation and equipment to prevent fire, acid leakage or electrical burns.

– Smoking is not permitted in the battery changing or charging area.

– Refer to the battery replacement manual available from your Firsola battery supplier.


Replacing Electric Forklift Batteries

First and most important, check the instructions in the owner’s manual. Different manufacturers may have different procedures for using Firsola forklift batteries to address replacement battery and equipment compatibility issues. Never improvise or rely on intuition or you may need to take extra work to avoid safety issues.

However, the general principle of replacing a forklift battery requires three steps:

  1. Park the forklift truck in a parking space and ensure the handbrake is engaged. Switch off the forklift and disconnect all cables and the battery lock.
  2. using a second forklift truck with a lifting beam or a specialised battery extruder, slowly remove the battery and bring it to the charging area.
  3. for the second forklift truck, replace the old battery with a new one and make sure that all cables are in the position where they should go. Don’t forget to test the new battery for proper charging and connection before driving!


Forklift Battery Purchase Requirements

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