Forklift battery choice: lithium battery or lead-acid battery?

The battery types of electric forklifts are classified into lead acid and lithium batteries, which better based on other factors such as capacity, charging speed, cycle life, quality, safety, brand, price, and so on. Choosing the battery that perfectly matches your forklift is related to production operations and work efficiency. Lithium batteries are the first choice for electric forklifts on the market today.

What Are The Limitations Of Lead-Acid Batteries?

The global environmental protection awareness is increasing, the demand for battery forklift continues to increase, the limitations of lead-acid batteries also appear, such as: charging will produce flammable hydrogen gas, emitting irritating odour, the battery life is rapidly declining, lead-acid batteries are less than 50% of the capacity of 1,200 times. Long charging time and charging memory, if intermittent charging, serious damage to the battery, shorten battery life. Daily maintenance is cumbersome, and the replacement cost is high. These limitations of lead-acid batteries have become a problem for customers.

What Are The Advantages Of Lithium Battery Electric Forklift?

1.  Lithium batteries do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury, and other elements that pollute the environment. Lithium batteries work indoors, safe, quiet, and environmentally friendly without pollution.

2. Lithium batteries support fast charging mode, 1~2 hours to fill up the power, charging without harmful chemical reaction. Particularly suitable for applications in warehousing logistics, airport freight, etc., reducing the proportion of spare batteries, eliminating the time and safety risks of battery replacement;

3. Long service life shell extended to 10 years, zero maintenance, no memory effect, no need for frequent replacement.

4. Lithium-ion battery pack with intelligent BMS, protection system, and alarm function, to prevent low battery power, short circuits, overcharge, high temperature, and other faults for automatic cut-off of the circuit, and real-time data can be fed back to the APP, so you can always master the battery use.

5. Lithium battery is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, and the power will not weaken with usage time.

6. The discharge temperature range is more friendly, the lithium battery maintains good discharge performance at high or low temperatures between -20 ℃ and 60 ℃. While in the case of -20 ℃ lead-acid battery discharge efficiency is less than 30%.

7. The price of lithium battery raw materials fell, and the technology is rapidly improving. The use of lithium batteries in forklifts can also change the formula, derived from special performance of lithium batteries for the innovative design of forklift trucks, supplying more power support. The technology monitors the forklift and battery status to improve forklift management.

Applications Of Lithium Electric Forklift Batteries

Comprehensive advantages of lithium batteries, particularly suitable for these working conditions: large battery consumption, each electric forklift is equipped with 2-3 lead-acid batteries, and frequent battery replacement, such as the logistics industry. The charging environment has strict industry requirements, such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry, and does not allow flammable gas and irritating odor generation. In addition, if you find management of operating costs, it is also good to consider lithium batteries to save electricity costs.

Firsola’s new upgraded electric forklift batteries 24v/36V/48V, customized modules, new A-grade branded batteries, and vehicle-specification level safety performance, can be fully adapted to the current mainstream of electric forklifts. During the charging and discharging process, the power will not reduce with the amount of electricity and always maintain a stable rated output. Most forklifts operate in the factory, with high working intensity and fixed environment, so the advantages of lithium batteries reflect well in the electric forklift . In the promotion of forklift electrification, lithium batteries have become the biggest competitor of traditional lead-acid batteries.

The Development Prospects Of Lithium Electric Forklift Battery

Lithium batteries have obvious advantages, and their application in the electric forklift batteries industry has formed a new market pattern. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the market needs a short charging time, long-range, stable performance, support for high-intensity operations, automation, and intelligent forklifts, and the emergence of lithium batteries has been inevitable. The rapid development of lithium electric forklifts battery depends on national policy guidance, and market and social demand. The forklift electrification trend accelerates, lithium battery raw material prices decline, and lithium battery penetration in the forklift industry has become the largest traditional lead-acid battery competitor. Lithium electric forklift battery recovery processing and recycling costs are relatively lower, and high security, but also can significantly mention the efficiency of the forklift,.The lithium electric forklift battery market outlook is objective.

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