Revitalizing Efficiency: Forklift Battery Repair and Maintenance Solution

With the rapid development of the international logistics industry, forklift battery as the basic equipment in modern logistics, have seen their sales increase. According to data, in recent years, China’s industrial vehicle sales have continuously ranked first in the world.

Analysis and research reports on market development trends in Europe and the United States show that when the growth rate of forklift sales slows down and the forklift market ownership reaches a certain level, the aftermarket era of forklifts is about to come. China’s forklift industry developed rapidly from 2001 to 2011. The average annual sales of forklifts increased at a rate of 20% to 25%, and reached a sales peak of 310,000 units in 2011. As of now, the number of forklifts in the Chinese market has exceeded 1.5 million units. . These data show that the aftermarket era of forklifts in our country has arrived.

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As of the first half of this year, the sales of all types of electric forklifts have increased significantly, and the key growth is reflected in the electric storage forklift market, with an average growth of more than 20%, while the internal combustion forklifts fell by 15.69%, which shows that electric forklifts are rapidly replacing internal combustion forklifts.

Electric forklifts account for more than 70% in Europe and the United States, while in China, internal combustion forklifts (the total number of all forklifts) account for about 65%. Therefore, China’s electric forklifts have huge room for growth. At the same time, it is also highly consistent with the national policy of strictly controlling air pollution and increasing the use of electric forklifts.

The battery is the source of traction for an electric forklift, and its cost accounts for 10% to 15% of the forklift price. It is the most important component of an electric forklift.

The service life of forklift battery packs produced in China is 1200 to 1600 times of charge and discharge, and the actual working life is about 2 years; the service life of overseas brand forklift battery packs is 1500 times of charge and discharge, and the actual working life is about 3.5 years. However, in recent years, forklift batteries have not been used and maintained properly, resulting in forklift batteries using shorter and shorter times during their normal working life, and phenomena such as the battery suddenly running out of power often occur.

How to ensure the discharge time of the forklift battery within the specified working life, and how to maximize the use value of the forklift battery, we should use the most advanced technical equipment and high-tech means as much as possible to provide a set of safe, economical and effective battery repair Maintenance programs become extra urgent.

In the actual application process of forklift batteries, due to the characteristics of the battery itself and various problems in use, problems such as insufficient battery power and vulcanization of battery plates directly affect the use effect. When forklift batteries are in use, due to individual differences in batteries, the performance of a single battery is insufficient, resulting in the entire battery pack not being used normally, and severe direct scrapping, which not only drags down daily production efficiency, but also causes a lot of waste of resources.

Relying on its own patented technology and based on battery characteristics, the forklift battery pack single cells are tested, repaired, and assembled to rejuvenate the available batteries, ensuring the discharge time of the battery pack within the specified period, and doubling the battery pack’s discharge time. working years.

Forklift battery repair and maintenance solutions

In order to solve the problem that the forklift battery becomes hot when charging, fails to charge, and the single battery is not fully charged, etc., the lead-acid battery digital pulse charging system is adopted, and the multi-stage constant current pulse charging mode is used to charge the single 2V battery to truly achieve single cell balance. Charging, it does not get hot when charging, and the single battery is saturated.

Forklift battery charging

In order to accurately obtain the capacity of the forklift battery pack, a lead-acid battery capacity detection system is adopted, and a large current constant DC discharge method can be used to detect the discharge capacity of single batteries within 2V/1000AH. It can accurately detect the actual capacity and discharge characteristics of each battery, making it easy to reassemble the batteries.

In order to solve the problems such as vulcanization of forklift battery plates, unbalanced voltages between single cells and the entire group, short working time of forklift batteries, and early scrapping of forklift battery packs, an intelligent lead-acid battery repair system is used for repair. This system uses resonant pulses to interact with the battery plates.

Coarse lead sulfate crystal resonance. Under the action of pulse, the coarse lead sulfate crystals on the plate are dissolved, which can restore the capacity of the battery that has been reduced due to sulfation, extend the service life of the battery, reduce resource waste, and benefit the ecological environment. After charging, repairing and assembling the forklift batteries through Dacheng Green River Company, the working life of many battery packs that are on the verge of being scrapped can be nearly doubled.


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