Key points of Heli CPD30 forklift battery maintenance

As a powerful assistant in the field of modern logistics and warehousing, Heli CPD30 forklifts demonstrate excellent performance and reliability in various scenarios. However, the key to keeping it in top condition is careful battery care. A vibrant battery not only extends the service life of a forklift, but also improves work efficiency and reduces operating costs. Below, we will discuss the key points of Heli CPD30 forklift battery maintenance to help you fully realize the potential of your forklift.

Heli CPD30 forklift battery

1. Heli CPD30 forklift battery Maintenance

1.1 Correct charging habits

The battery will produce gas during the charging process. The charging place should be kept ventilated and no open flames are allowed. The oxygen and acidic gas generated during the charging process will have an impact on the surrounding area. Battery Operations other than inspection: Professionals should be consulted, especially when replenishing electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid). Traction battery storage place: Do not short-circuit it; a short-circuit caused by rain may cause fire and may produce a small amount of hydrogen, so the battery must be stored in a ventilated and cool place.

Forklift battery manufacturer electrolyte leaks: When the electrolyte leaks to the outside, immediately neutralize it with lime, strong carbonated soda or carbonated soda, and rinse with plenty of water. Unplugging the charging plug during charging will cause arcing. The charging plug can only be unplugged after the charger is turned off. After charging, there is a large amount of hydrogen remaining around the battery. Open flames are not allowed and the battery cover should be opened for charging.

1.2 Check battery water level regularly

Heli CPD30 forklift batteries usually use liquid electrolytes, so regularly checking the battery water level is an important part of the maintenance process. Make sure the battery fluid level is within the appropriate range and add distilled water in time to maintain the concentration of the electrolyte. Maintaining proper battery fluid levels helps dissipate heat and prevent the battery from overheating, while also improving the battery’s charging efficiency and lifespan.

1.3 Temperature control

Heli CPD30 forklift battery is prone to overheating in high temperature environments, affecting battery performance and life. Therefore, reasonable control of the temperature of the working environment, especially in high-temperature seasons, and taking cooling measures, such as ventilation and avoiding exposure to the sun, can help maintain the normal operating temperature of the battery and improve overall performance.

1.4 Clean the battery surface regularly

During the use of Heli CPD30 forklift, dust and dirt are easy to accumulate on the battery surface, which affects the heat dissipation effect of the battery. Regularly cleaning the battery surface and ensuring good ventilation will help reduce the battery’s operating temperature and extend battery life.

1.5 Use suitable charging equipment

In order to ensure the safe and stable charging of the Heli CPD30 forklift battery, it is very important to choose the appropriate charging equipment. Using a standard charger and following the charging parameters and recommendations provided by the manufacturer can protect the battery to the greatest extent and ensure that it performs optimally under normal working conditions.

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2. Daily inspection

2.1 Appearance: A dirty battery surface will cause leakage. The battery surface should be kept clean and dry at all times.

2.2. Terminals, wires and covers: Always check the connections of the battery terminals and the connections with the wires for corrosion caused by oxidation, and check whether the covers are deformed or heated. Chongqing Heli forklift maintenance

2.3 Liquid level: Lower than the rated liquid level will shorten the service life of the battery, and too much electrolyte will damage the battery, so you should always pay attention to whether the electrolyte is sufficient.

3. Keep

3.1 Storage space: Do not short-circuit the battery; short-circuit caused by rain may cause fire and may produce a small amount of hydrogen, so it must be stored in a well-ventilated and cool place. Chongqing Heli Forklift Sales Center

3.2 Waste batteries: Waste batteries still have electrical energy and should be stored according to the storage method used.

4. Operation of batteries at the end of their life

Operation at the end of battery life: When the battery is nearing the end of its life, the electrolyte in the single cell decreases rapidly and distilled water must be replenished every day.

Disposal of waste batteries: For waste batteries, extract the electrolyte and decompose the battery. Recycling can be negotiated with the battery manufacturer.

By properly controlling the above key points, you will be able to maximize the performance of the Heli CPD30 forklift battery, extend its service life, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Reasonable and scientific battery maintenance is not only a respect for the equipment, but also a responsibility for efficient operation and sustainable development.

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