How to clean Heli CPD15H forklift battery and parts

As a powerful assistant in the logistics field, forklifts play a key role in daily operations. In order to ensure that the Heli CPD15H forklift always maintains efficient and stable working conditions, regular cleaning of parts and batteries has become a part of maintenance that cannot be ignored. Here, we will introduce to you in detail the effective methods of cleaning the battery and parts of Heli CPD15H forklift, so that your forklift will have a new look and help your career to the next level.

Each operating system of the forklift is connected by multiple components to maintain the normal operation of the forklift. The heli cpd15h forklift battery adopts polyester fiber pipe, which has good elasticity, small aperture, low resistance and high air permeability; fully insulated soft connecting wire, no leakage current, pop-up top plug valve structure, with special electrolyte level indicator It is equipped with a filling cap with automatic water replenishment; it adopts multi-microporous imported high-quality inclined partitions with high porosity and low resistance. It uses PP battery shell and cover materials, which are impact-resistant.

Heli CPD15H forklift

Forklift maintenance of used batteries: Used batteries still contain electrical energy and should be stored according to the battery storage method used. Marine battery liquid level: If the liquid level is lower than the rated liquid level, the service life of the battery will be shortened, and too little electrolyte will cause heating and damage to the battery. Therefore, you must always pay attention to whether the electrolyte is sufficient. Excessive dust will cause clogging of parts and affect the operation of various operating systems of the forklift.

Small fault displays can cause operational problems, and large faults can cause engineering accidents. Therefore, we should clean forklift parts regularly. At the same time, some worn parts can be replaced. Now let’s talk about forklift parts and battery cleaning.


For cleaning the Heli CPD15H forklift battery and some metal parts, we generally use cold washing and hot washing.

1. The cold washing method is to wash with kerosene, clean diesel oil or gasoline and then blow dry with compressed air. In this way, the information equipment required for cleaning work method research can be simple, convenient and quick to operate.

2. The hot washing method is to clean with an alkali solution, heat the solution to a boil, take out the parts, rinse the alkali solution with clean water, and then blow dry with compressed air. In order to prevent aluminum alloy parts from being corroded, they cannot be cleaned with solutions containing a large amount of caustic soda.

For cleaning system seals of some non-metallic forklift parts, such as cleaning of alcohol and rubber parts, such as cleaning of brake cups, turpentine or brake fluid. Do not use kerosene, rubber rings, hydraulic gasoline or alkali solutions to prevent expansion and deterioration. Clutch friction plates and brake pads cannot be boiled with alkaline solution and should be cleaned with a small amount of gasoline brush. Leather parts (such as oil seal rings, etc.) can generally be wiped with a dry cloth.

Common dirt on forklift parts is also a black solid, which is gradually formed under high temperature and pressure. It is firmly attached to the surface of internal combustion engine pistons, cylinder liners, cylinder heads and other parts, and its texture is extremely hard. Carbon deposits must be removed during maintenance, or to ensure the normal operation of the forklift, carbon deposits on parts must be removed regularly. This kind of dirt is usually cleaned in two ways:

1. One is physical cleaning, that is, scraping off with a scraper, shovel (or bamboo chip), metal brush, etc. This manual method of removing carbon deposits is inefficient and difficult to effectively remove. If you are not careful, it may cause damage to major parts.

2. The other is the chemical removal of carbon deposits. The formula of the carbon deposit removal solution for internal combustion engine parts of the present invention is to immerse the carbon deposits on the parts into the cleaning solution. If the heating equipment is optimal, the dirt will be easily softened, and the solid dirt will be easily peeled off after the soaking is completed.

Heli CPD15H forklift battery can be cleaned with water, but water cannot enter the battery unit. Take out the forklift for cleaning as much as possible to prevent water from entering some forklift components. After the heli cpd15h forklift battery reaches a certain service life, oxides will be produced and there will be resistance between the batteries, so cleaning is necessary.

Heli CPD15H forklift battery Heli CPD15H forklift battery

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