How to judge whether you need to replace the golf cart, tour bus battery?

With the development of the tourism economy, the rise of golf, a new type of mobility tools into the lives of ordinary people, golf carts, also known as electric sightseeing car. Electric sightseeing car was first used in the fat large area of the golf course, for athletes who are playing golf to use. It’s own power energy comes from a battery at the base, usually a 48V or 72V lithium battery.

golf cart, tour bus

If you’re a manager, you need to know how long the lithium batteries last, and when you should be replacing the batteries in your golf cart, which is important for your customers’ experience.

Read on to learn more about the top five signs that your golf cart battery needs to be replaced soon!

1. Insufficient Power I When you put the pedal to the metal on your golf cart, it should accelerate fairly quickly, and as the batteries begin to approach the end of their useful life, they will no longer be able to provide the power needed to take off quickly and reach high speeds. The depletion of the batteries results in the inability to release enough current and power as originally designed, resulting in a car that is underpowered

Another sign of a depleted battery is the inability of the golf cart to climb simple hills.

2. Long Charging Times – Repeatedly charging a golf cart battery can shorten its lifespan because the chemicals inside are only effective for a period of time. If your golf course maintenance staff find themselves having to retrieve scrapped golf carts from the course (when they think the batteries are fully charged), or if the batteries are taking longer than usual to charge, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace them!

3. Another obvious far sign of low mileage battery depletion is that when a battery is cycled too many times, its energy density declines, meaning that the same volume of battery stores far less power than its previous capacity. If your maintenance staff keep records, see how often they charge the batteries!

Lead Acid Battery

4. Completely draining the battery – Some golf courses are so busy that it is impossible for the maintenance staff to put any carts down for charging. The act of running the battery all the way down to its latter leg puts unnecessary wear and tear on the battery and can significantly shorten its life. Letting the battery drain over and over again also puts a tremendous strain on it.

5. Visual Damage When the internal chemicals of a lead-acid or deep-cycle battery begin to escape from the plastic casing, situation, then it means you need to replace the battery as soon as possible:.

-An abnormal bulge in the casing.

-Cracks in the casing.

-Any liquid dripping from the battery

-If the battery becomes physically damaged, it can lead to costly golf cart repairs. Buying a new battery is much more costly than repairing or replacing an entire golf cart or internal mechanism, and lithium golf cart batteries versus lead-acid batteries are more expensive.

golf cart, tour bus battery

Many golf course managers are beginning to switch their entire fleet of vehicles to lithium-ion batteries instead of traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries offer several distinct advantages.

1: [Light weight a] Lithium batteries are a fraction of the weight of lead-acid batteries.

2: Shorter Charging Time – Lithium-ion batteries take less than four hours to fully charge. In comparison, traditional lead-acid batteries take 8-10 hours.

3: [Zero Maintenance] Your golf course maintenance staff has better things to do than remember to perform regular maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries require zero maintenance.

4: [Longer Lasting] Lithium golf cart batteries last longer than lead acid batteries due to the longer cycle life of lithium batteries.

5: [Superior Technology] Many lithium-ion batteries come with a built-in battery management system (BMS) that ensures they don’t overcharge or overdrain lithium-ion golf cart batteries

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golf cart, tour bus

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