Jungheinrich ETV114 forklift battery treated with abnormal high temperature

1. Understand the causes of high temperature

During the use of Jungheinrich ETV114 forklift battery, due to the battery’s own internal resistance, charging current and other factors, it is easy to generate excessive temperatures. Especially when working in a high-temperature environment, the battery temperature is more likely to rise, even reaching dangerous levels. This situation may lead to serious consequences such as battery fluid leakage, battery damage, or even fire.

Jungheinrich ETV114 forklift battery

If the lead-acid battery of the forklift is abnormally high, generates heat, smokes, etc., it is necessary to stop the forklift immediately and stop charging. It is necessary to further detect the battery, vehicle, charger and other factors that can affect the high temperature of the battery. If the forklift battery continues to draw large current Discharge will cause the Jungheinrich ETV114 forklift battery temperature to be high, the electrolyte will evaporate quickly, the plates will be burned, and the active materials will fall off.

Of course, the plates will age, which will increase the internal resistance of the battery. The internal resistance will generate a lot of heat during use, which will also cause the battery to be high-temperature. This If there are potential dangers, the battery should be replaced in time.

There is also the problem of forklift circuit boards. As we all know, forklifts rely on batteries as driving force. Once the circuit fails, the battery current will increase, causing high temperatures. Forklift drivers should often feel the temperature of the forklift battery with their hands. , When charging or discharging the lead-acid battery of the forklift, its own temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

2. Jungheinrich ETV114 Forklift Battery High Temperature Precautions

Low temperature will reduce the capacity of the battery. In a 50 F° environment, the battery will lose about 40% of its capacity. Therefore, the temperature of the battery room needs to be controlled centrally. The temperature difference between high and low should be less than 25-35°.

Forklift lead-acid batteries need to be stored carefully when not in use to avoid insufficient power when the forklift is used urgently. This type of tubular lead-acid battery has self-discharge and has strict environmental requirements. When storing, please be careful that the temperature does not exceed -20°C. ~+40℃ range. The battery needs to be stored in a charged state. Since part of the capacity will be lost due to self-discharge during transportation or during storage, please replenish the battery when using it.

Jungheinrich ETV114 forklift battery

If it is left unused for a long time, please recharge it to make up for the self-discharge during storage. Replenish the power once a month. Storing it under conditions exceeding 40C will have a bad impact on the battery life, so please avoid it!

The forklift lead-acid battery has insufficient power. This situation is usually caused by battery congestion caused by incorrect charging and discharging. At this time, we should stop using the forklift, connect both ends of the battery to the discharge pile to discharge the electricity, and then plug in Turn on the power supply and fully charge it.

The forklift lead-acid battery cannot be charged, and the display shows that the battery is 0. Be careful at this time. First, take out the power supply and leave it in the open air for about an hour to release the static electricity attached to the original battery. Then try charging. If it does not work, you need to ask a professional Use the tools to open the battery box, remove the obviously bulging battery, and then connect the remaining batteries in order. In this way we will find that the Jungheinrich ETV114 Forklift Battery can be charged and used again.

If there is a spark in the lead-acid battery of the forklift, you should stop the car immediately and check whether the positive and negative connections of the battery are reversed. Then wipe the battery clean with a clean rag. If there are exposed wires, etc., they need to be replaced immediately. If the cause cannot be found, Immediate inspection and maintenance are required.

3. Safety training and awareness raising

In addition to the above handling methods, it is also crucial to strengthen employee safety training and awareness raising. Employees should understand the basic knowledge of forklift lead-acid batteries, master how to deal with abnormal situations, and strictly abide by operating procedures to ensure safe production.

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