Lead acid batteries have always been used by people

In 1859, the Frenchman Plante invented the lead-acid battery.

Why do lead-acid batteries still stand firm in the market after more than a hundred years? Why is the installation rate of lead-acid batteries in electric bicycles still over 80% to this day?

When we know the advantages of lead-acid batteries, we believe that the answers to the above questions are readily available.


High resource recycling rate

The manufacturing process of lead-acid batteries is relatively simple, with the main raw materials being PbO, Pb, H2SO4, etc.

The manufacturing process includes steps such as melting, casting, slicing, and assembly.

The core material among them is lead, and the regeneration rate of lead can reach up to 98%, which is incomparable to other products. That is to say, the production and use of lead-acid batteries hardly consume lead resources on Earth.

After decades or hundreds of years, when all other resources on Earth are basically consumed, lead-acid batteries can still serve humanity well.

High security

According to public information, lead-acid batteries can still be used normally at high temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius, and the body will not experience problems such as explosion, combustion, and pollution.

Compared to lithium batteries and sodium batteries, vehicles equipped with lead-acid batteries provide more assurance for personal safety and the safety of parking facilities.

High voltage stability

Lead acid batteries are the only type of secondary power source where the two poles are made of the same material, and the electrolyte is also unique, so it has a wide range of usage temperatures and can be reliably used within the temperature range of -50 ℃+100 ℃

For example, in winter in the north, cars can start normally at minus 40 ℃ and 50 ℃, and even in the high temperature environment in the south in summer, even if the car engine experiences higher temperatures, it will not affect the normal use of lead-acid batteries.

Cheap price

Lead acid batteries are inexpensive, and entry-level 48V 20Ah lead-acid batteries can be exchanged for just over 200 yuan.

With careful maintenance, it can be used for 3-4 years.

Even if the battery is scrapped and recycled in the future, it can still generate about 50% residual value. By calculation, it only costs about 10 cents per day, which is very suitable for the vast low-end consumer group.

Easy maintenance

The disassembly of lead-acid batteries is very simple. Many friends extend the battery’s service life by adding distilled water and electrolyte themselves.


In summary, lead-acid batteries have advantages such as high resource recycling efficiency, high safety, high voltage stability, low price, and convenient maintenance.

This is also why even after so many years, lead-acid batteries still stand firm in the battery market.

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