PTZ Stabilized 4K 180 Zoom Hybrid AI Thermal Imaging Tracking Camera

Product Description

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Four sensor hybrid

The industry-leading hybrid sensor solution, with efficient collaborationof zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras, laser rangefinders, andwide-angle cameras, endows drones with a broad field of view whilefocusing on capturing clearer images, detecting heat sources, andmeasuring distance from targets.


High resolution thermal imaging

The ZT30 four light pod is equipped with a 640* 512 level high-resolutionthermal imaging sensor, supplemented by a 19mm focal length and a 30fpsimage frame rate. lt has a wide and far-reaching field of view, smooth and clearVideos, and can detect abnormal heat sources in a timely manner for visualnon-contact temperature measurement, with fast and accurate responses.


High precision laser ranging

The ZT30 four light pod is equipped with a 1200 meter level long-range and a 0.1meter level high-precision laser rangefinder, which is sensitive and reliable. ltcan obtain accurate directions in real-time in high-risk work scenarios, assist command decision-making, and ensure a safe working space.


Al supported intelligent recognition and tracking

Built in NPU neural network computing unit, combined with Siyi Technology’sself-developed new Al algorithm technology, the ZT30 four light pod will be ableto automatically recognize moving targets such as people, vehicles, and ships.And through the cooperation of gimbal attitude control and flight control system,achieve autonomous recognition, positioning, and even continuous tracking.Accompanied by the automatic zoom function of the visible light camera, thetarget will always be at the center of the image and maintain a clear and visibleimage proportion.


Professional comprehensive drone imaging system

In addition to the 180x hybrid zoom (30x optical zoom)1/2.7-inch Sony 4K imagesensor zoom camera, the ZT30 also features a 2K resolution wide-angle camera,providing unprecedented wide field of view and panoramic shooting capabilities.Clear scenery, fast and accurate algorithms, and automatic focus of viewpointsmake it easy to produce large images, Smooth mirror, smooth zoom, beautifulscenery in the distance, now within reach.

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