Why does STILL RX50-13 Forklift Battery need to add distilled water?

When purchasing STILL RX50-13 Forklift Battery, the forklift manufacturer will remind you that the battery of the electric forklift needs to be filled with water within a certain period of time, but tap water or purified water cannot be added. Distilled water must be used. Why is this? Now let’s popularize some information about batteries. Knowledge.

During the charging and discharging process, the water in the electrolyte gradually decreases due to electrolysis and evaporation, causing the electrolyte level to drop. If it is not replenished in time, the service life of the forklift battery may be shortened. After replenishing the battery, you should recharge it appropriately. If the liquid level of some batteries drops rapidly and water is replenished frequently, check whether the voltage limit of the regulator on the vehicle is set too high. If it is too high, overcharging will occur, water consumption will be large, and evaporation will be rapid. This situation can be solved by adjusting the limit voltage.

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1. The role and importance of battery water

In STILL forklift batteries, water plays a vital role. Water in the battery is a component of the electrolyte, and its main functions include:

– Conductivity: The ions in the water act as conductors, prompting the chemical reaction inside the battery to proceed, thus generating electric current.

– Dilution: Through dilution with water, the electrolyte concentration in the battery can be adjusted to maintain an appropriate electrolyte concentration.

– Heat dissipation: The presence of water helps the battery dissipate heat and prevent the battery from overheating during operation.

Therefore, maintaining the proper level of water in the battery is critical to ensuring the proper operation of your forklift battery.

2. Water loss and necessity of replenishment

During the use of STILL RX50-13 Forklift Battery, moisture loss is an inevitable phenomenon. This is mainly because the battery produces hydrogen and oxygen during the charging and discharging process, and part of the water is lost as the gas is released. In addition, the frequency of battery use and working environment will also affect the rate of moisture loss.

Therefore, in order to maintain the moisture balance in the battery and extend the service life of the battery, water needs to be replenished regularly. Distilled water has become the best choice because it has been specially treated to remove impurities and minerals, which is more conducive to maintaining the purity inside the battery.


3. Add distilled water to STILL RX50-13 Forklift Battery correctly

The correct process of adding distilled water is crucial to battery maintenance. Here are some proper steps for adding distilled water:

3.1 Regular inspection: It is very important to regularly check the water level of the battery. This can be done by opening the cover on the battery and observing whether the water level is above the mark line.

3.2 Use distilled water: Choose pure distilled water for replenishment to ensure that the water does not contain impurities and minerals. This helps prevent corrosion and scale buildup inside the battery.

3.3 Appropriate replenishment: Do not add water blindly. Replenish the appropriate amount according to actual needs and keep the water level above the mark line. Adding too much water or too little water may have adverse effects on the battery.

3.4 Use professional tools: During the process of adding water, it is best to use a professional water injector or funnel to ensure even distribution of water and prevent water droplets from causing corrosion on the battery surface.

3.5 Regular cleaning: In addition to adding distilled water, the battery surface should also be cleaned regularly to remove possible sulfate and other sediments to ensure the cleanliness of the battery surface.

4. The importance of maintaining battery fluid level

4.1 Extend battery life: Regularly adding distilled water to keep the battery fluid level within the appropriate range will help slow down the aging rate of the battery and extend the service life of the battery. This is very important to reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment investment return.

4.2 Improve battery performance: Maintaining good battery fluid levels helps maintain the balance of chemical reactions within the battery, ensuring that the battery can provide stable power output. This helps improve the performance of the forklift during operation and ensures work efficiency.

Adding distilled water is a key step in scientific maintenance of STILL RX50-13 Forklift Battery, and it is also an important means to ensure efficient and stable operation of the battery. Through regular inspections, correct use of distilled water, proper filling and charging, users can keep the battery fluid level in an ideal state, extend battery life, improve forklift performance, and provide reliable support for industrial logistics. Scientific battery maintenance not only helps reduce operating costs, but also ensures the smooth operation of forklifts in various working scenarios, helping enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

To learn more about the maintenance methods of STILL RX50-13 Forklift Battery, call Firsola Company and professional technicians will explain it.

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