Battery equaliser how to improve battery life

Battery equaliser how to improve battery life
Lead-acid batteries have been widely used in various fields, the battery is generally more than one battery in series into a group
after the use, even if the consistency of the battery before the group is screened better, after a period of time after the use of the
difference will occur. In order to ensure the consistency of the battery voltage, will inevitably use the equaliser to enhance the
performance and service life of the battery.
Equalisation is divided into active equalisation and passive equalisation, what is the difference between the two?

1. Active equalisation (lossless equalisation)
Active equalisation is to transfer energy to the way of equalisation, the single high energy transfer to the single low energy battery, so as to achieve the equalisation of the whole group voltage, in the process of transferring almost does not involve the
loss of energy.
2. Passive equalisation (lossy equalisation)
Passive equalisation is generally carried out by means of resistive discharge, discharging batteries with higher voltage, releasing power in the form of heat to achieve equalisation of the whole group voltage, and fighting for more charging time for
other batteries.


The necessity of battery equaliser
When two batteries with different voltages are connected in series, the voltage will be added and the current will be unchanged,
so when discharging, the battery with lower voltage will be discharged first, and because the total voltage of the battery pack is
still high, there will be over-discharging of low-voltage batteries, which will be damaged in the end. After we add the equaliser,
it will reverse the charging of the high voltage battery to the low voltage battery to achieve the effect of the same voltage of the
two batteries. When the battery pack is discharged, the two batteries are kept in synchronous discharge, maximising the use of
battery capacity to extend the service life.
Batteries without an equaliser installed, will be good battery charging bad, capacity drop, electrolyte dry, etc., so that the stability and reliability of the battery can not be guaranteed, and ultimately affect the operation of the entire battery pack system resulting in premature damage to the life of the battery.
Batteries installed equaliser, through active equalisation will be high voltage battery power transfer to the low voltage battery
to compensate for the charging balance so that each battery is full, and ultimately achieve energy transfer to extend the range of the battery and the service life of the battery pack.


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