Why should the forklift battery add distilled water?

Purchase of electric forklift, forklift manufacturers will remind a certain amount of time in the electric forklift battery to add water, but can not add tap water or pure water, must use distilled water, this is why?

In the charging and discharging process, due to electrolysis and evaporation, resulting in a gradual reduction of water in the electrolyte, thus making the electrolyte surface drop. If not replenished in time, it may shorten the service life of forklift battery. After replenishing the water to the battery, it should be replenished with an appropriate amount of electricity. If some batteries appear liquid level drop faster, replenish the water frequently, to check the car regulator limit voltage is too high. Too high will appear overcharge, water consumption, evaporation fast, this situation can be solved by adjusting the limit voltage.


If there is a fast decline in individual batteries, check whether the phenomenon of short-circuit. Forklift battery performance will directly affect the use of electric forklift, should be strictly in accordance with the norms of good battery daily inspection and maintenance work, the following is the forklift battery maintenance code.


  1. daily maintenance battery should be discharged each time, immediately after charging each discharge, not more than 80% of the total capacity of the battery
  2. Weekly maintenance Check whether the cable screws between the battery cells are fixed If the battery is not equipped with an automatic refill system, check the electrolyte level after charging.
  3. When lower than the permissible level (isolation plate height or indicated height), add qualified distilled water to the specified level. When the electrolyte is too much, it should be pumped out to the specified height to check whether there is any accumulation of water in the battery box, and the water found to be accumulated shall be sucked out immediately.
  4. After charging, the electrolyte density and temperature of each battery cell should be measured and recorded. If there is a big difference with the previous measurement value, it should be checked by a professional Annual maintenance of the battery Once a year, the insulation resistance of the forklift and the insulation resistance of the battery should be checked by a professional.

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