How to rehydrate a forklift battery?

The first step, pry open the cover above the electric car battery.

The current production of electric car battery brands are ABS glued, some are da buckle connection, some are slide plate, when prying open must be based on the battery connection, do not hit too hard, damage the cover.

Step 2: Open the rubber cap to reveal the vent holes.

There will be six exhaust rubber caps on the battery, and after opening them, the exhaust holes will be exposed. The bottom valve of the vent holes of some batteries can be rotated to open, this time you can open through this.

The third step, open the end cap and rehydrate.

Under normal circumstances, the surface of the electric car battery is wet, while if the water loss is serious, it will appear dry. At this time, it is recommended to use the battery water gun to carry out hydration maintenance work. Battery watering gun is small and lightweight, easy to carry, can effectively solve the manual water control is not accurate, add too much or not enough water and other issues, battery watering gun has a key to replenish the water function, the water is full of sensors since the stop, to improve the safety of the battery water, and effectively extend the service life of the battery, and the water gun is inexpensive, can save a high amount of artificial maintenance costs.

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