CPD30 3t Lithium Battery Counterbalanced Forklift Truck User Guide

1. Scope of application and use environment
1.1 Applicable occasions
CPD30 3t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift trucks produced by our company are only suitable for use in specific areas in accordance with the “Regulations on the Safety Supervision of Special Equipment”, such as factories, tourist attractions, amusement parks, etc. The use of CPD30 3t lithium battery counterbalanced forklift trucks is strictly prohibited on other occasions. It is strictly prohibited to use in other occasions.
1.2 Main Uses
– Handling and stacking of palletised goods: Forklift trucks are mainly used for handling goods placed on pallets and stacking them at a certain height.
– Handling non-palletised loads: When equipped with suitable attachments, the forklift truck can be used for handling and stacking loads that are not placed on a pallet.
It is forbidden to use the forklift truck for other purposes such as towing and carrying people.


1.3 working environment
1.3.1 Ground conditions
The working environment of the  forklift truck should have a flat, firm road or ground surface that is well ventilated.
The performance of  forklift trucks is affected by the ground conditions and the travelling speed needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation.
– When travelling on slopes or rough surfaces, extra care should be taken to ensure that you can stop in time.
– WARNING: When driving on muddy surfaces, ensure that you are able to stop in time.

1.3.2 Climatic conditions
– Ice and snow: Install anti-skid chains before driving and avoid rapid acceleration, stopping and turning.
– WARNING: After installing anti-skid chains, the grip is enhanced, but the single-side skidding anti-skidding performance is reduced, so care should be taken.
– Windy Weather: Outdoor work in windy weather should be avoided as much as possible, because the wind will affect the driver’s field of vision and may lead to cargo instability.
– Cold season: Li-ion battery forklift trucks should pay attention to the charging temperature, the normal charging temperature range of the battery is 5-40°, please do not use it in the environment beyond the normal charging temperature range.

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