Judging the quality of a battery based on the length of charging time


Why not use charging time as a criterion for battery quality?

A:For example, our new battery has a full charge and a short charging time. Can you say it’s not good?

If a battery with poor capacity is in a low battery state and takes a long time to charge. Can you say it’s good?

The battery is partially sulfurized, and the amount of electricity charged into the battery may not necessarily be the energy completely decomposed inside the battery. For example, our simplest malfunction is

Alternatively, if it is a single lag, the charging time will be longer and accompanied by electric heating, which cannot complete automatic replenishment. This cannot be used as a standard for good or bad charging.


If we go into more detail, it is also related to the matching of the charger, the size of the current, and so on, so charging cannot be used as a basis for the quality of the battery.

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