Why do lead-acid batteries in electric Scooter not display remaining charge

Manufacturers selling electric vehicles do not sell lead-acid batteries. I don’t know how many sets of batteries you can install.
The amount of electricity charged into the battery is also unknown. Lead acid batteries can be overcharged, but they will stop when the voltage reaches the standard level. If the voltage cannot be charged to the standard level, the current will continue to run low, causing heat to be wasted. The electrochemical transformation efficiency deteriorates with time and temperature.
The full charge of a 12V lead-acid battery is 14.4V. If it is below 13V, it will affect the power. It is recommended to charge the battery below 12V to ensure its health. If it is below 11V, there is basically no battery, so be prepared to push the car at any time. So all electric cars display a voltmeter, even if it looks very similar to range, it’s actually a voltmeter.
The most taboo thing for lead-acid batteries is to use the battery to the end before charging, coupled with overcharging and battery degradation. In this way, using a Coulomb meter can only assist in judging battery life, it is better to judge battery life based on voltage and experience.
If there is an AB mileage function, as long as the battery is fully charged, the mileage is reset to zero, and the mileage and maximum mileage can be accurately estimated in your mind. The range of new energy vehicles is actually done in this way, but before the vehicle is launched, it tests the mileage data under various working conditions and integrates the measured mileage data into the mileage algorithm. Only by adding “manual” can it be more intelligent.

A lead-acid car from over a decade ago displayed its battery level,
It’s just divided into four levels. 25%, 50%, 75%
In fact, both lithium-ion electric cars and lead-acid battery cars have the same common problem, running the farthest in the 60% -100% battery range, and the range below 10% battery can be ignored. Some large lithium electric cars are now designed with a 90% battery life in the first compartment, so you think this car is durable, while the second compartment has a 6% battery life and can be ignored. It’s really smart
Of course, some cars now have a clever solution when the battery is low:
1. Power limitation: (power=current x voltage) This way, the car becomes very slow, making it look like it’s running out of battery and still able to run long distances,
Lower the protection voltage of the controller to improve battery performance and lifespan.
By the way, be careful when the lithium electric car runs out of power. If the protection board says it will cut off, it will cut off the power for you. Directly black screen, lead-acid runs out of battery and can still show you the way


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