Lead carbon batteries usher in new market growth

With the arrival of the peak period of replacement purchases, the demand and safety issues of charging and swapping batteries are becoming increasingly prominent, which naturally gave rise to the rapid development of the two wheeled electric vehicle charging and swapping industry. In addition to daily self use by residents, there is a stronger demand for battery replacement services for electric vehicles used for short distance logistics, delivery vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, and other business operations. The endurance of two wheeled electric vehicles is a pain point faced by delivery riders

Lead carbon battery is an innovation in lead-acid battery technology. A large amount of activated carbon material is added to the negative electrode of lead-acid battery, which can solve the charging acceptance capacity of the battery, reduce the sulfur content of the battery, and thus prolong the battery life.

There are indeed many brands of lead carbon batteries on the market, such as “Firsola” lead carbon batteries, whose strong technological research and development capabilities have promoted super lead carbon technology.
The advantages of lead carbon batteries
1. Fast charging, 8 times faster than regular lead-acid batteries;
2. The discharge power has increased by three times;
3. The cycle life has been increased to 6 times, and the number of cycle charging has reached 2000 times;
4. High cost performance ratio, energy density can be increased to 40-60Wh/kg, power density can reach around 300-400W/kg, performance has approached the capacity of some lithium batteries, and more importantly, its cost is still 0.6-0.8rmb/Wh, lower than other batteries such as lithium batteries, with a good price advantage;
5. Lead carbon batteries can provide reliable protection under extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures, and can still provide strong power and capacity at -20 ℃;
6. Safe and stable to use, widely applicable in various new energy and energy-saving fields;

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