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One Of The Leader ODM/OEM Forklift Batteries Supplier In China.

Modernized Production Line

Firsola accumulators and batteries production plant Guangdong production base since resumed in 2013, has experienced 11 years of production sharpening, and the team is more excellent, and more mature experience.

Firsola  2020 began the preparation of a comprehensive modernization of the plant, and in January 2021 the Guangdong Provincial Government supported, industrial upgrading professionals. The slogan of “energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon production” has become the purpose of manufacturing for YuanDynamic.

After the industrial upgrading, Firsola purchased many kinds of modern production machines and abandoned the manual welding process of traditional manufacturing for the sake of workers’ safety, which made YuanDyn one of the first traction and stationary battery factories in the southern region of China. The goal of this major renovation was to increase productivity and reduce order fulfillment times. A complete, fully automated production line using world-class facilities will provide production flexibility while maintaining the highest level of quality.


At our production plant in Gliwice, we have the latest, fully operational equipment that meets the list below:

● Automated line for the production of positive electrode plates using wet filling technology.
● High-productivity molded negative plate grid machine with 670 sets of molds.
● The latest hydraulic control system (XINTAO) guarantees the highest quality and repeatability of the negative plate pasting line.
● The new mixer for paste preparation is equipped with a steering computer with recipe memory to ensure full reproducibility.
● Curing chambers that provide appropriate, computer-controlled temperature and humidity parameters during the drying of the plates.
● Automatic traction battery assembly line equipped with S7 Siemens industrial controller.
● Automatic positive and negative plate sealer.
● Sealed automated silo system for transportation and storage of PbO and red lead.
● In order to protect the environment, our plant will be equipped with the latest filtration systems (wet and dry filters) and slurry recycling systems.

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