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One Of The Leader ODM/OEM Forklift Batteries Supplier In China.

Social Responsibility

Labor and human rights
Firsola has always implemented the business philosophy of law-abiding operation and is committed to creating a harmonious and inclusive working environment. Resolutely implement the “Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other Chinese and overseas laws and regulations, resolutely prohibit the employment and use of child labor. Based on fair, open recruitment and employment principles, job applicants and employees of different genders, nationalities, religions, races and ethnicities will be respected in Firsola.


Honesty integrity

Firsola upholds to create an efficient, open, fair and just business environment, adheres to righteous operation, abides business ethics, takes high-quality dFirsolalopment as the company’s sustainable dFirsolalopment strategy, and rejects all commercial corruption that affects fair competition in the market.


Environment, occupational health and safety

The responsibility of enterprise to employees, customers, stakeholders, society and the country is safe production and sustainable operation. We are always committed to put EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) first. Firsola has established EHS management system to clarify EHS responsibilities, ensure safe operation, satisfy customer requirements and help to achiFirsola the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”.




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